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corner.gif (929 bytes)..logochat.gif (22164 bytes)  Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Here's a list of ISBW accomplishments and awards we've
won so far. If you think we deserve one that's not here,
feel free to send us your award or nominate us for others

forbes.gif (2463 bytes)
"Where slackerdom is celebrated as an art form"

ISBW is reviewed by Forbes magazine in their February 2001 "Best of the Web" issue, in the Weird Wide Web section.

newsstand.gif (4225 bytes)

CNN visited our home office and interviewed me for a story on "Internet Privacy" which aired in March 29, 2000.

abcnews.gif (1379 bytes)

ABC World News Tonight came down and did an interview with me for a cyberslacking segment which aired in November, 1999.

foxnlogo.gif (2126 bytes)

Fox TV News featured ISBW in a  segment about work-related websites which aired nationally in early Feb, 2000.

msnlogo.gif (957 bytes)

The Microsoft Network featured us as their "Daily Diversion Link" on National Goof-Off Day, March 22nd, 2000.

news_page_logo.gif (4981 bytes) CNNFN did a great article on January 4, 2000 on "Cybersurveillance at Work", and how ISBW celebrates cyberslacking. They also featured our "Panic Button".

usalogo.gif (8148 bytes)
ISBW was featured in an article about policing cyberslackers in USA Today on November 2, 1999.
Yup, that's me and the kids in my "office".

usatslak.jpg (16550 bytes)

cnbclogo.gif (4088 bytes)
Cool Website of the Day
, July 27, 1999

yilife.gif (5137 bytes)
Mentioned in the May issue of Yahoo Internet Life Magazine

nnc_lockup.gif (1069 bytes) What's Cool
Cool Sitings choice on Sept. 30, 1999, and we scored an 8/8

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    eTour-SOTD.gif (2047 bytes)     Top Bee Award     flvaward.jpg (24158 bytes)

aecawin.jpg (10316 bytes)     award99.gif (1954 bytes)

cheezy.gif (11959 bytes)        EnjoyedIt.gif (7900 bytes)        carpal.gif (3469 bytes)

lobby_award.gif (7852 bytes)      goldcan2.gif (11273 bytes)    GRUMPS4.jpg (13705 bytes)      teddy.gif (5606 bytes)          Copy of smcsotn.gif (2406 bytes)

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All ISBW contents Artstorm Web Services, 1998.
Send questions or comments to webmaster@arts-web.com.
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