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corner.gif (929 bytes)BIZARRE!  Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

When I started this page I wasn't sure what to expect while rounding up these bizarre sites. As my bookmarking continued, so did the weirdness. Take a peek at these sites and see for yourself.  Let us know if there are any other bizarre sites you would like to see here and we'll try to find them for you. 'Nuff said, here they are.

new.gif (1227 bytes) Executed Today Who was killed on your birthday? Find out here.
Weenie Sticks Not your everyday hot dog roasters.........

Beaver Salon

This is just wrong. Real funny though.

Captain Ozone

Time Traveling Toilet Superhero, no kidding
Weirdz.com Weird T-Shirts and clothing
Elbow World.com Highly bizarre cartoons and stories
All World Knowledge Very intriguing articles on Human knowledge
Virtual Food Fight Hurl cyber food at your friends via email
Pavement Gear Exquisite roadside clothing selections
Slim Mackerel Visit the strangely likeable rock legend
Cabbage Converter Ever wanna be a cabbage? Now you can.
AlterVistas Bizarre websites search engine
Kristy: Ass Kicking Machine Watch Kristy take on some bizarre opponents
SteelGirl.com Wierd site from female metal-working artists
Pot Noodle Some sort of strange "Cup O' Soup" thing
Fried Chicken Head Almost eaten, always strange
Grot, Grub, & Grime Grubbymitts' Gross-Out Poetry. Submit yours!
Die Screaming..... Garden gnome torture at it's best
Strange Websites Dailly updated strange news and website listings
For Sale By Mental Patient This site is so bizarre that I can't even figure it out
2 Men and a Duck The strange tale of Hugh, Doug, and Geoffrey
Latrinalia The study of restroom graffiti
Hyperhero Good thing he's around to save our Universe
Tuna Free Dolphin Meat It doesn't get much stranger than this
Cat-Scan Not the kind you get at the hospital
The Mojave
Phone Booth
What happens when you call a phone booth in the middle of the desert? Lots of interesting things.
X-Men Mutations Find out if you are a mutant with super powers
World of Mank Oh no, is it loose again? Very strange.
Ladies In Leg Casts Exactly. As bizarre as it sounds
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Stop mind montrol by building one yourself. Scary thing is I KNOW a guy with a similar theory.
The Canonical List... ....of weird Band Names. All real, none normal.
The Big List O' Frank A big list of Frank Zappa quotes from a real fan. These can get a bit racy, but so was FZ.
Fart Contest Submit your entry or visit Mr. Methane
Restrooms.org That's right, it's a bathroom site for women, complete with info on peeing standing up.
The Head Shop Your online head storage facility
Fun With Grapes Create a fireworks display (kind of) with grapes
SodaConstructor You'll play with this strange but cool program for hours if you're not careful. Read their disclaimer!
Mike the Headless Chicken This is truly bizarre, mostly because it's a fact! Make sure you read the story and see the pics
Spanky's World The life and times of Spanky Onionhead
Weird Clip Art Archive Lots of strange pics for your office memos    hehe
Percy The Chicken Tell Percy I sent you!
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum Lots of other sickness bags on display as well
Glen Lachart Bizarre site from Scotland, well worth a look
Beer Can Bob Take a picture with Bob and appear on his site
Rather Good Lair of "The Crab of Ineffable Wisdom"
Space Station Homeless See the trials and tribulations of a futuristic space station inhabited by homeless astronauts. Strange.
Superbad Truly bizarre eye candy that changes daily and will keep you busy for hours
eBaby Your personal baby trading community
Online Pregnancy Test I took the test and it appears that I'll be the first pregnant man. It also said Bill Clinton is the father.
Outhouses of America A virtual tour with photos of actual outhouses, complete with poems and renderings
Optical Illusions Great mind benders. Some you may have seen, but alot you probably haven't.
Deformed Frog Pictures   See what was found in a polluted MN pond
The Weird Site A classy collection of weird sites and news
Send A Turd Send that special someone a free virtual turd. If that's not good enough, SEND A REAL ONE!!
Stare Down Sally See if you can win this staring contest (and yes, you can). Let others at the office try, too.
Weird NJ Weirdness abounds in my humble state of New Jersey.......... and this website proves it
Leisure Suit Convention Put on your leisure suit and head to Des Moines
Planet Ketchup Finally, a website for ketchup connoisseurs
The Rude Zone Lots of rude but enjoyable features
Pizza Claus Read about the legendary Pizza Claus sightings
Las Vegas Wedding Pranks Stories and photos of actual wedding pranks
POPClock Project Census Bureau population statistics. Hit reload to see how many people were just born
The Dull Men's Club Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences
The Great
Pumpkin Drop
What happens when you drop a pumkin full of mayo from an 8 story building? Watch this video!
Daily Martian Weather Report Weather on Mars......From the "Surveyor" team
The Contortion Home Page MANY photos. Need I say more?
Style Texas Enter the "big hair" world. Very strange indeed
Strange But True These facts are exactly what they're said to be.
Retropics Remember playing  Beatles or Pink Floyd albums backwards to hear hidden messages? Hear what people are saying backwards today at this website.
Play-A-Day Strange little plays from newsgroups
Boredom Anonymous Live in fear of boredom no more
Amazing Card Trick Where did your card go? See if you get stumped
Dotcomguy He's spending the year in his house relying on the web. Watch him on his live camera.
theweirdsite.com The title says it all
MulletsGalore Find out what a "Mullet" is, and if you are one.
Ripleys B.I.O.N. The official Ripley's Believe it or Not website. Not much yet, but you'll find all their locations here.
Simon Says Online I bet you lose!
The Dialectizer First choose a dialect, then type our address (ishouldbeworking.com) and crack up at results.
My Dear Diary This is a giant online diary where you can post and READ entries and not worry about being a snoop.
Auburn Chaos Webmistress DeeJ runs a very sassy website,
lots to do and lots of fun.
Tinky Winky
Virtual Paper Doll
This Teletubbie has a date, and you help him choose the right outfit and get dressed.
News of the Weird Bizarre, true articles. Search or browse topics
Take A Sick Day Ways to take a sick day when you're not sick
Hamster Dance It is what it says.......hamsters dancing!
Virtual Vengeance Safely release your anger and frustrations
The Ultimate Taxi If you're lucky enough to get a ride in this bizarre taxi cab, you may not want to get dropped off
Postcards From the Internet Cybermyths and urban legends exposed
On This Day.. Strange events, history, holidays calendar & more
UberPage F.C.S.   UberPage of the First Church of Shatnerology
Nose Pickers Page   Pick a winner at this cool boogery website
Jobs that Suck   Fun descriptions of jobs that suck, don't suck
Burps.net   Many burping and belching links
Pop The Zits   Squeeze cyber-zits until they pop! Yuk.
Off the Boss   Is your boss a bum? This site tells you why
Virtual Vomit   Pick a place and meal, then puke it up
Bizarrenews.com   Many bizarre headlines, stories, court scripts
Justin Sane's   Museum of the weird. Ghosts, freaks, TV listings
Grossology   Science of really gross stuff......bodily functions
Bridget's Wurld  Enjoy the life and perils of "Bridget the Head"
Tattoos.com   This site has all the ink info you can imagine
The Nerdity Test   Are you a nerd? Is there a cure? Find out here!
Urban Legend Archive   LOTS of folklore topics and stories
Amazing Cow Cam   Visit "Hamburger" and "Cheeseburger" online
Farts.com   Mucho fart info. Hear the "Squeek of the Week"
Tracey's Fart Farm   Yes, this is a .wav archive. Send in one of yours!
The Museum O' Fart   Have a fartastic time here with Famous Anus
Lunatic Lounge   Demented humor...home of the Polka Chicken
Sea Monkey Worship   How to buy, care for, and enjoy these pets(?)
Toilet Tea Leaves Mistress Cohleana tells your future from BM's
Squirrel Fishing College students come up with the best projects
The Juicy Cerebellum   Profound wonderment and other strange stuff
Gallery of the Absurd   Weird - but real - advertisements, labels, signs

Stick Figure Death Theatre

  Yes, it IS what it says it is. Check it out
Piercing Mildred   Slap tattoos and piercings on Mildred, win stuff
Virtual Frog Dissection   If you missed it in biology class, do it here online!


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