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It's Your Boss!

Send your favorite slacker a free, fun message with an
ISBW Loafing Fun Greeting Card

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Winter Holiday Fun
Send this snowman card to your friends for some winter laughs.

Let's Take a Day Off!
Are you starting to feel a little "sick"? Count up your
sick days, personal days, or whatever days off you
have left and send this card to a friend for a
relaxing day away from the grindstone.

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Liquid Lunch
Once in a while, a hamburger just won't cut it as a stress
relieving lunchtime activity. Choose this card to invite one
of your drinking buddies out for a few cold ones.

Just Goofing Off and Saying Hi
This card is simply to let someone know that you're
thinking of them while slacking off again. You
can add whatever message you want to your
card in step #4.

Just Goofing Off and Saying Hi
Guys version of the previous card.
What the heck is he working on so diligently?
Click the images on the left to see them
in full size.

Any Plans For Tonight?
Use this cordial greeting to set up a date with your
favorite guy or gal. Maybe you can even get lucky
and break the ice with that sexy co-worker you've
been wanting to ask out for the last 5 years!

Let's Do Lunch
If the office cafeteria isn't looking too good today you
can ask a friend or co-worker to join you for lunch
without even picking up the phone. Get the time and
place in order in step #4.

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Get Well Soon
Got a friend who's under the weather, or at least
pretending to be? Send them this greeting to help
them feel better.

It's Party Time!
When the work day ends and it's time to party you're
going to need some friends to join you. Send all your
friends this special "intoxication invitation"!

When is Our Next "Meeting"?
Plan your next important meeting with your favorite
"new client" by sending this invitational golf
cart....I mean card. See you on the links!

Cheer Up, We're Off Tomorrow!
This card is great for a friend who is at the end of their
corporate rope, or simply having a bad day. How many
times could YOU have used a quick pick-me-up?

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Happy Valentines Day
Send your Valentine this warm greeting while you're goofing off at work today.

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Happy Birthday!
When your friends birthday pops up don't get caught
without a card. Send them this fun card with the birthday
pig on it to brighten their day the online way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Share the luck of the Irish with one of your friends
during this festive holiday season.

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Make sure you pick two different colors so your friend can read it.

Almost done. Now fill out these 3 boxes for the message itself. DON'T USE QUOTATION MARKS (your message will get cut off)
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Last but not least, pick a song and click the button.

Pick a tune to accompany your greeting or skip this step to keep it quiet.


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