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corner.gif (929 bytes)logochat.gif (22164 bytes)Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

CLICK HERE to make your own cartoon at the

"ISBW Drawing Board"
complete with chat and message board!


Send in your best (or worst) doodle, sketch, comic, or other original masterpiece for your loafing peers to gaze upon while they should be doing something productive. If you're lucky, your "non-work-of-art" will be posted here for the entertainment of slackers worldwide.

To submit your artwork, scan (or save) your piece to a .gif or .jpg file and attach it to an E-mail for our critics to review. Originality and comic value are what we look for most. Images also must be at least "semi-clean" to post, but we get a kick out of everything so send us whatever you want!


Here's a few of the most recently submitted masterpieces:

"Ocean Moon" by Silverturtle
omoon1.jpg (7233 bytes)

Here's a B-Day card Sharon made for her nephew
bdaycard.gif (5064 bytes)

Here's a piece done by my buddy Viv in NY
vivversm.jpg (12278 bytes)
click on the pic for full size


Here's something from Jobbster
funny.gif (34903 bytes)


Ancora Dave, Star Quarterback for the "Maui KiteSurfers" of Fantasy Football Legend.
By Tom Pinto

ancodave.jpg (12538 bytes)

new.gif (1227 bytes) The latest from Rob

steparty.gif (31317 bytes)

stepbw.gif (32591 bytes)

new.gif (1227 bytes) from T. Maloney
"Promotion Time Again"

promo.jpg (11669 bytes)
Here's one from A.L.

jack.jpg (14099 bytes)
Another gr8 one from JC

steve.jpg (12516 bytes)

Click here to visit the
ISBW Cartoon Corner archive.

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Send questions or comments to webmaster@arts-web.com.
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