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corner.gif (929 bytes)Disclaimer Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!


1. This website is for entertainment purposes.  If you are supposed to be doing something else but you're surfing the web instead, that is your decision (just in case some unlucky slacker gets in trouble for not working or surfing the net on someone else's dime, we post this disclaimer to ensure the blame goes to the deserving parties, not us). Therefore, we accept no responsibility for any actions taken by unhappy employers, teachers, spouses, etc.. 

Visit this site responsibly and at your own risk.

2. This website is not intended to indulge poor work habits, nor does it support them. Our research shows a large number of people online during work hours for whatever reasons, so we decided to cater to this specific group by offering an easy and convenient method of stress relief through surfing the internet in an efficient manner.

3.  NO sections of ISBW contain pornography or foul language, and will stay that way. However, we are not responsible for adult content found by following links to other websites. If someone follows enough links from any website there is a risk of finding adult material, and we cannot be responsible for the links you choose. If you find an undesirable link from ISBW in any way, send us an E-mail with the URL and link chain and we will address the situation.

4.  All ISBW graphics are property of Artstorm Web Services. If you wish to exchange links with ISBW and use our tag logo, click here. All other use of ISBW property without our consent is prohibited.

5.  If for any reason this website should be down for any length of time, sponsors advertisements will be re-posted to compensate for the period of down time. Sponsors waiting to have their ads posted will be notified of any schedule changes. This will not apply to weekly contest sponsors or E-zine advertisers.

6.  All decisions on contest winners and T-shirt give aways are final. See contest rules for complete explanations. If you didn't win, try agin'.

We hope this clears up any questions you may have about our existence.
Please feel free to send us an E-mail with any further comments.



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