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corner.gif (929 bytes)Drink LinksWelcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Bottoms up! Suck down some of these awesome drink links.

new.gif (1227 bytes) College Party House Beer bongs, taps, and plenty of party pics here
new.gif (1227 bytes)  Kona Pure Coffee Hawaiin homegrown coffee with full bodied flavor
Exotic Sodas Exotic soda pop varieties and lots of 'em.
Drinkstuff.com Great place to buy mugs, gadgets, & accessories
Mike's Hard Lemonade Read about Mike and his infamous creation
StupidDrunk.com Not for the easily offended, but worth seeing.
The Real Beer Page Everything you always wanted to know about beer
Jack Daniel's Whiskey My favorite beverage. Cyber-tour the distillery!
The World of Bacardi Famous rum company website
Jose Cuervo Like tequila? Become a citizen of Cuervo Nation
Jim Beam Lots of cool stuff. Check out their back room
Kool-Aid Info on flavors, recipes, KOOL-AID news
Coffee.com  Wake up and smell it. Coffee origins and info.
Tv/Movie Drinking Games  and plenty of 'em
Samuel Adams Online  Tons of info about this historical brew
Total Homebrewing Info  Screw the stores.....make your own brew!
Captain Morgan
Spiced Rum
 This spicy website features the Morganettes
Snapple       Fun games and thirst quenching downloads
SodaFountain.com   Soda fountain history, recipes, antiques
Evian        Find out exactly where this water comes from
Jolt Cola       Wake up with some of this cola's extra caffeine
The World of Heineken  A great beer with a great website as well
Foster's Beer  It's Australian for a beer website, mate!
Opinionated Beer Page A beer review page that tells it like it is
Beer better than women?  This guy has 25 good reasons to back his claim
Breworld Jokes Page  Lots of great beer/bar jokes, puns, and rhymes

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