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corner.gif (929 bytes)hee hee ha ha ha Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

If you don't find something funny by using the following 100+ links you have no sense of humor. Bookmark this page now and come back soon!
WARNING: As with all jokes and other fun stuff, some is clean, some is dirty, some is offensive to some. These are no exception. Please use discretion when surfing these sites!  Let us know of other funny bone tickling sites around that we could link to and we'll check it out.

Have fun!

new.gif (1227 bytes) Silly Stuff New cartoon every day plus fun links
 Headline Entertainment Great booking site featuring our Slacker buddy, the one and only Johnny Lampert.
Joke Newspaper Free joke newspaper articles for all occasions
Lunar Antics Bob Walters' Eclectic Humor Directory
Hold'em Humor Site dedicated to Funny Poker Jokes and Stories
  Jerk Shirts Clothing so offensive your life could be in danger
Blinman There's a bit of Nigel in all of us....
Puffycloud.com Cool comics including "Bottle Rocket Chronicles"
Comedy Bomb Fun flash games, jokes, and funny sounds
Ayrhead Graphics Amusing comics by a tekkie turned artist
Amuse Me Suz Off-the-wall thoughts, stories, lists, and more
Humorsphere Funny pics and jokes are 1 mouse click away
Mental Jokes Grab your straight jacket and head on over
Amuse Me Suz Humorous blurbs and other random comedy
Mental Jokes Not the most politically correct site, but funny
Humor Links Alphabetical listing of humorous links
Sillybuddies Interactive humor community that's worth a look
Kick Granny Many great jokes and stuff, categorized too
Comikzone Comical vidclips, photos, etc
The Humor Source Lots of funny pics and jokes, updated often
Miniclip Great original video clips and games
Jim's Eats Humorous photos, writings, comics
Funny Stuff Central Great jokes, stories, excuses, songs, and more
Melco's Random Jokes Categorized random jokes, and lots of 'em
Bloopers, Outtakes, and Cut Scenes Funny clips from movies, tv shows, etc.
Funny-City Humorous jokes, videos, photos, cartoons
Incidents and Accidents Weekly humor column for the frazzled woman
The Spark Fun tests and projects to whittle the time away.
Khaha.com Classic comedy on internet radio, 24 hours a day
A Fire Inside Satirical, daily updated, interactive humor
Murmoronline.com Humorous news, opinions, insights, and more
Joke Zone Nice directory of jokes with voter ratings
The Webshite Humorous UK comedy - pics, jokes, etc
iLaff.com Humor directory with lots of links
Impzone Joke cards, comics, etc.....presented by Imps
Four Jokers Joke of the Day, joke archives, and fun tests
Buckaroos Lots of funny pics, cartoons, and jokes
Weekly Humor Column Sheila Moss' weekly updated humor column
Santa Greeting Send a friend this bizarre Santa card
GeeTrish.com Hilarious pics, jokes, downloads, and multimedia
WitWords Political, office, parenting humor & weird words
RealHumour UK humour portal of jokes and amusing articles
Everything Old School Dedicated to "Old School" retro fun
The Brunching Shuttlecocks As plain and simple as a hammer to the forebrain, at least that's what they say
The Jokers Jokes & Humor Very nice and large categorized joke archive
Big Puns Featuring original puns by Punmaster Dan
The Spud Hilarious cartoons, videos, and online fun
Goofball.com Your portal to stupidity and goofy online fun
Comedy World Live radio show plus other funny features
Madeleine Begun Kane This humor columnist knows how to complain. Check out her new Dubya's Dayly Diary section.
CollegeHumor.com News, stories, videos about campus craziness
The Dork Pages Take the Dork Test and lots of other Dorky stuff
The Joke List 50 or so jokes, many long ones, sent by readers
Humournet Funny jokes, software, and MP3's
Wrybread Unique fun and cleverly goofy stuff, don't miss the crack cam, Busses pages, and Gametone clips
Just A Tip Send an anonymous email to someone telling them of their annoying habits or poroblems
MotherInLawStories.com This funny name says it all. Send them yours!
3BP Truly funny headlines, pics, & vids of real events
Swenson Funnies Check out a few great comic strips at this site
iamperfect.net Joke archive & newsletter plus riddles & links
Jokes.com Joke search, headlines, get an email account
Joke-A-Thon Lots of jokes, cartoons, and other humorous stuff
FunnyMail.com Many great jokes sent in by readers like you
Embarrassing Moments Real embarrassing moments sent in by real embarrassed people
InsultsOnline Many rude insults, email some to your friends
Desiboyz Masala Jokes, humor, and models..... all from India
Profession Jokes  Many occupations, many jokes. Get some good jokes to kick around the office here.
FartMatic Set the dials and create your own fart sounds
Snark Bite Weekly columns and current event craziness
Funny Flash Histerical Flash movies and comics
Dogbomb.co.uk Humorous message board and lots more
The Onion America's finest news source (weird news, that is)
Janken Fun "rock-paper-scissors" game, fart machine too!
Email A Joke Send jokes to friends, and keep track of mailings
OhYesUAre Great categorized jokes and fun files
CX Magazine Entertaining British magazine online, fun articles
Chumworth Real news, real funny
Humorland Very humorous cartoons and other Dutch humor
Hecklers.com Visit this website to send something (or do something) funny to a friend or co-worker
Bob & Izak's
Second Time Around
Is this stuff really for sale? You be the judge
Mark's Humor Site Hundreds of great categorized jokes
Joke Wallpaper The address of this site will fool your boss (corporate-excellence.com) and many joke wallpaper images are available for downloading.
Humor In The News Creepy Steve has a way with bending the news
Lots of Jokes They're not lying, many great jokes here.
Red Robot Fun news-style humor site with weekly newsletter
Gorsky's More laughs than you can poke a click at
Yourmom.com Your momma is so ......... you get the picture
The Funniest Sites Click here and it's a vote for ISBW so please at least go there and come back. Many great links.
Unbored.com Hilarious jokes, movies, pitures, stories, and more
Liquid Poop Over 1500 diarrhea rymes.    No sh*t.
Life's A Bill Where money is funny
The Weekly Giggle  Fun photos submitted from around the web. If they use your submission you get a cool shirt.
Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet Follow the life of this relatable cartoon character through this great comic strip
Pun-of-the-day Most puns on the web
humorsource.com A website that rates and reviews humor sites
Smartasses Online An online organization for Smartasses only. Do you qualify?
StupidQuestions.org Ask a question about how to find something on the web and have it posted to this site.
Dribbleglass.com Drink deeply from the dribble glass of life
Jokingaround.com Awesome site for jokes, comics, Easter eggs, etc
funnies.com Is it really the largest collection of humor available anywhere? It sure could be.
Humor.com All kinds of crazy humor goin' on here
Cartoonscape A great up-and-coming comic series
Men Jokes Guys beware! Over 1100 jokes about us here
April Fools.com A celebration of fun, friendship, and freedom
Sea Duty At Home Comical depiction of life on a boat
HogWild.net Semi-hilarious comedy every day
Not In My Backyard  Up-and-coming comic strip, worthy of the Sunday funnies. Very funny pet stuff.
The Dilbert Zone Homepage for the famous comic strip
Web Egg Plenty of jokes in plenty of categories
LOL Online Jokes and links galore, mainly for adults
Waterballoondrop Lots of great stuff to occupy your day at work
Comics I Don't Understand Try to figure out why these comics are funny and see interpretations from other readers
Asylum Funny comic strips that get updated weekly.
Jokes Plus Funny jokes and top humor can be found here
Olley's Place Great humor site, outrageous multimedia jokes
smallgreY  Sci-Fi comic strip featuring a far out alien and other outer space freakishness
Cartoons by Gaspirtz  Very funny original comics. If you like "The Far Side" you'll love these.
Land O'Craziness Ian & Lou provide stupid observations and such
Working for a Loser Read employee crazy quotes & insane anecdotes

Daily Far Side

A daily dose of Gary Larson's famous strip

Sev Trek

Lots of fun "Star Trek" goofiness including a weekly comic strip and humor competitions
Jokes in the Mail Get a new joke every day, search for joke topics
Laugh Out Loud Categorized jokes & stories, kids jokes
Strange Breed Humorous home of the "Strange Breed" comic
HotWired Animation Fun cartoon showcase. Learn how to make 'em!
The Joke Room  Click on the bathroom stall graffiti for fun jokes
Best of: Humor Many varieties of online humor to crack you up
Working for a loser! Crazy quotes of corporate chaos & calamity
The Gag Works Gags, pranks, magic, and other fun stuff here
Jokes Online  A huge list of jokes.......good and bad
The Amazing Jokes Barn You'll be "rollin' in the hay" (I couldn't resist)
Joke A Day Lots of different jokes that change daily
CyberCheeze LOTS of jokes, humor, and cartoons
The Joe Cartoon Co. Be sure to hold your pointer over Joe's logo
Sick/Twisted Jokes  Not for kids or weak stomachs
dujour Check out the riddle dujour on this strange site
FunnyBone live Homepage for the comedy club in Pittsburgh
Andy's Links Lots of wacky links & stuff

All ISBW contents
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