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corner.gif (929 bytes)mailbo2.gif (38039 bytes)Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Welcome to our mailroom. The following are actual letters sent in by loafers just like you and were deemed worthy enough to share. If you've got a question or comment about ishouldbeworking.com, send us an email and your letter may be up here next.

new.gif (1227 bytes)* Click here (or scroll down) to download some of those crazy email programs that get forwarded all the time.


new.gif (1227 bytes) On 5/03/2000, Angela wrote:
G'day from The Land Down Under, What a great site you have!!! Could you please tell me how to mail this site to my friends??? Have a great day.

Send them one of our ISBW Loafing Fun cards at
You can write them any message you want which
comes with a picture and song of your choice.
new.gif (1227 bytes) On 7/17/00, "Don" wrote:
Hey Party Boy, Is this your career or do you have a day job? If you've got
a day job, you definately aren't a slacker... don't worry, I won't spill the

I replied:
Carpal Tunnel and Tendonitis eliminated the day job, which is when I got the idea for and built ISBW. It's now my "full time" job which I work on for about 15hrs a week at my convenience. I do this out of my living room as a "stay at home Dad" with my 2 preschool daughters so not much slacking can be done during the day. My wife is a full time Social Worker but hopefully not for much longer.
On the other hand...... I golf every Wednesday, play bass in a rock band on Fridays, play poker once a month, and spend WAY too much time playing Links LS '98 online almost every night. You tell me if I'm a slacker or not.
On 6/13/00, "Skizmism" wrote:

I replied:
On 5/31/00, "Dave" wrote:
I think your site is brilliant where did you come up with the idea? and do you plan to host an Aussie branch of the site because I would LOVE to be a part of it. Dave.

I replied:
Thanks Dave, but as of now I can't envision opening another branch of ISBW. If I ever get an office outside of my living room that would be a major accomplishment. But, I would love to open branches around the world so if I do, you're the guy I want down under!
On 3/13/00, "Loretta" wrote:
Do you determine what your bookmark can read? Maybe a less obvious
choice would better coliate with the theme of the site ... something other than "I Should Be Working ... cyberslacking fun ..."         Otherwise ... good site! : )

I replied:
Most bookmarks use the title of your site, which is very important in search engine rankings and stuff so I can't change that. What YOU can do is right-click on the bookmark, choose "rename", then call it whatever you like and no one is the wiser!
On 2/6/00, "Jazz" wrote:
Man I love your page all my friends at work use it!! We love it!! Thanks alot!! My boss came and all I had to is click the panic and he said Good work, i`m glad to see you working and gave me a raise!!

I replied:
That's the best news I've gotten from a Slacker since I started this website!
Congrats on the raise and thanks for spreading the word.
On 2/28/00, "Sheila" wrote:
GREAT website!!!!! I have become one of your "regulars". Keep up the
good work and if I ever run across a site I think you'd like to put on
this site, I'll email it to you. Although you seem to have just about

I replied:
Thanks for the kind words. Messages like yours are what keep me motivated (well, as motivated as I get anyway). We're always looking for great websites to add to our lists so keep the suggestions coming.

On 2/23/00, "Angela" wrote:
Hey! Guess what? You have the wrong date on your home page. It is Wednesday, but it is NOT the 22nd it is the 23rd!!
Talk about SLACKERS. You guys can't even get the date right!!
For noticing this important fact, I think I should get some special recognition on the site. I'll be watching to see what kind of kudos I get....
-Angela the eagle eye

I replied:
Thank you Angela for noticing. I do it all the time, usually because I do the daily updates in the morning and I don't drink coffee. I usually don't update more than once a day so unless it's a really big screw up I don't bother. I'm posting this message on our Mail Room page as spesial recognishun fer corektin my errer  : )


On 11/13/99, "Chris" wrote:
"My question is do you offer any other clothing besides the t-shirts?"

I replied:
I'm currently working on the "polo" type shirts with an embroidered logo, but right now it's just tees and boxers. Please let me know exactly what/how many you're looking for and I'll see what I can do.
The new printer also will be doing the embroidery so the golf shirts and embroidered sweats will be available this spring.


On 11/4/99, "James" wrote:
"You and your site are the wind beneath my wings man."

I replied:
"It's mail like yours that keeps me working diligently on ISBW. Thanks."


On 9/15/99, "Bob" wrote:
"Take Me OFF Your Freaking Mail List You Are Wasting My Time."

My response:
"You're off, and we're supposed to be wasting your time."


On 7/18/99, "Chipper337" wrote:
"Your site sucks"

I replied:
"Thanks for visiting, please come back often."


Many more messages are stuffed in my inbox so check back soon, more will be posted when I get around to it.

“Whether it’s video poker games or online roulette that interests you, you’ll be sure to find a large selection of things to do right here at ishouldbeworking.com. We have a large selection of cool and fun games, jokes and other exciting stuff sure to keep all you slackers entertained.”


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