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corner.gif (929 bytes)Slack Homepages  Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Are you a slacker and have your own personal web page? If so, please read how to add your site to the ishouldbeworking.com "Slacker Directory". It's fun!

Slacker Directory:
new.gif (1227 bytes)
 Before 30
Julie's Journal 

The Ugly American

Raz and Liz
Cheesy Wotsits
jASmeEn's page
KillerMark's HTML Site
Randy's Place
Silas The Defeated
Diary of a Mad Housewife
A Fire Inside
Muskoka Trail Seekers
Katie knows she's a Slacker
Ganesh's Website
Emily's Online Doghouse
Barbie's Page
Beer Rocks!!!
Tmoore's Diversion Site
Loaded Again
Pat Dahl, Love Machine
Mikael Svanstrom
Mary The Band Nerd
Tmoore's Divesion Site
Purplgirl's Home Page
Just Keeton
Homepage of the Monstertruckess
A Life Less Evident
Wask: A Tribute
Celleighs Corner of the World
Treasure Hunting Stories
The One and Only Home Page of J.W. Gardner
Shaun's Home Page
AceFalice's Home Page
The Upside Down Dog Page
(-= Glass House =-)
Beach Cowgirl
Scott's SuperSite
Absolute Robeo
Chips Web Page
Golden Creations
Chip's Page
Silver's Homestead
Greg's Home Page
The Shawn Slone Fan Club
Hog Calling Champion of the World
Okay's Turkish World
i am an artfag
Reality Break
Jeff's Mad Fly Homepage
Pam's Piece of Cyberspace
Dave & Jeff's AOL IM convos
Kings Of Pain
Jill Lyn Handshew
Age Owns
Amanda's Page
Cyber Vacation
Melanie's Site
Tmlhkyfan's Homepage
Retacky's World
Paintings of David Hart
Jasons Homepage
Teliza's World
Katie's Homepage
Karla's Country Music
Tom's Genius Website
The Neo-Comintern
RST's Musician Homepage
My Page for Amy Rubenstein
Chuck's World
Spiffy Angel Bitch
My 80's Site
My Junkyard
Message in a Box
Fishaholics Anonymous
Nates Homepage
Drea's Page
Sean's World
Hanover Fist
Jon Harmacek's Homepage
Life is Beautiful at Liz Rizzo's homepage :0)
Will Hertes Prank Letters
Madeline's First Homepage
Sonic Enemy
Elixabete's Home Web Page
Aight Films
Read My Books For Free
Slhacker Zone
Geoffs DBZ Page
Lukes Shagpad
House of the Muse
Cowgyrl's Favorite Womyn's Acoustic Rock Links, Etc..
Mike's WarCraft Site
Allen's Home Page
Cd's World
Alexandra's Circle
Sonomo Co.
State of Repose
Where is Al?
The Lawrence Gallery
Baxter the Wonder Dog
The Magical New Rob Site
Sindelle's House of Style
Welcome to the Field!
The Giant Useless Page
Joe's Lounge - The Lobby
The Page that Aerojad Built
Jim Anderson's Grateful Dead Photos
Mandy Bagatta's Homepage
Force One
Fun Fun, Silly Willy!
Sean Kiely's homepage
AC Homey's Page
Richard Brill's TCF.NET
Faded Skies - Serena Renee Cissell
m m m my Sharona's Homepage
Welcome to Mungbean Express!!|
Perpetual Bliss
The Jeni Mind Trick
This Is NOT A Homepage
The Page of Random
Michael Plyatsun's Homepage of All That is Strange
NOFYT'S Cyber Space
Jennifer's Universe

Peg's *Peace* Page

Your website must pass the following not-so-strict guidelines before we ad your website to the slacker directory:

1. Your website must be a non commercial, personal page containing info about yourself such as your hobbies, favorite stuff, photos, etc..

2. You must deem your website worthy by posting at least one of following ISBW graphics somewhere on your home page.

isbwban.gif (11201 bytes)

bantext.gif (7333 bytes)

bansmll.gif (7417 bytes)                       logoboth.gif (7103 bytes)

femlogo.gif (2964 bytes)                 Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

isbwtag.gif (9241 bytes)

3. Send us your URL after you pop in our graphic. After we check the address we officially add your site to the Slacker Directory. Join today, it's that easy!



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