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corner.gif (929 bytes)Entertainment Links  Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

There is soooooo much stuff on the web in this category that we made this the first page to be split up. You can either scroll down the page or click on one of the following topics to choose a category.

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new.gif (1227 bytes) Filmposters.com Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, Vintage Movie Memorabilia - 1920s to present
MovieWEB Pre-release previews, top grossing films, etc.
Roger Ebert on Movies He's the guy with the glasses from Siskel & Ebert
The Movie Times The best and worst of everything you can think of
itsyourmovie.com Visitors help create interactive web movies
Goo-on-a-spoon See their Star Wars spoofs and other films
Celebhoo A great place to search for celebrity websites
Austin Powers It's shagadelic, baby
HollywoodStock Exchange Buy and sell virtual stocks for movies, celebrities, musical artists and more at this fun site.
Celebrity Cafe Celeb interviews, trivia, contests, and more
Hole City TV and movie current info site
eFanGuide.com Your internet fan guide
Schwartzeneggar.com Veezeet Ahnolds vebsite or elze..........
Movies from the 80's Hey Hey Hey Hey,  Don't you forget about me...
Star Wars Get pics, sounds, clips, and info on all 4 movies
Early Motion Pictures Nice collection of the first motion pictures
Horrormovies.com For all my fellow horror buffs
Widescreen Cinema Lots of info and links about widescreen formats
A List Great celeb site, oscar coverage & pics
ShowTimes Find out what's playing "at a theatre near you"
Mr. Cranky This guy rates movies by how much they suck
ExtraCast Movie casting service for extras. Are you next?
Cyber Film School You could learn how to be the next Speilberg
Internet Movie Database Over 160,000 titles. Lots of info on every movie!
VFX.HQ Movie effects team shows how it's done

        (4508 bytes) Rocky Horror It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes ....
A Clockwork Orange Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any
Cheech and Chong.com My momma sock it to me try to tell me how to live (duh na na duh na na dun dun da)
Clerks I'm not even supposed to be here today....

get-videos.gif (3033 bytes)

GimmeSoap Online soap opera that's updated daily
Survivor Get all the details here about the CBS TV show.
Survivor II Official CBS Survivor II website
Survivor Outback An unofficial site dedicated to Survivor II
Suite218 Choose actors for a new sitcom right from the web
TV Guide Online You should know what this one is
Comedy Central Home of the official South Park website
LinxNet Official sites, fan pages for nearly all U.S shows
Oprah.com Lots of info from Oprah about her show, etc.
TV Party Awesome! Lots of retro shows from 50's-80's
LikeTelevision Lots of free streaming video clips. Good ones.
Schedules & Reviews A Great listings page courtesy of the Mining Co.
Special TV Resources Play TV "Trivia Blitz" and much more
TV Theme Songs ACTUAL themes to download, lots of them!
MonsterVision Watch a strange movie with Joe Bob Briggs
Screen Source TONS of real celebrity street addresses!
Toon Tracker full length streaming real video of vintage cartoons
Stay Tuned A great website honoring classic commercials
Munsterland Visit Herman, Grandpa, and family on the web


George Carlin The first website that really had me cracking up!
threestooges.com Their official website ( Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk )
Drew Carey Show Visit Drew, Oswald, Louis, Kate, & Mimi at the Warsaw Tavern or at Winfred Louder online.
Johnny Lampert See what this great Slacker comedian is up to now. He's 35, lives with his parents, and likes it.
Austin Powers Get shagged by Austin & company
Abbott and Costello A great website from the families of Bud & Lou
Rodney Dangerfield Even on the web he gets no respect
Andy Kaufman Home page dedicated to his life and characters
Rosie O'Donnell Show Very entertaining and fun website
Why A Duck? Marx Brothers pictures, sounds, and career info
Mr. Bean Lots of fun here, and an intro from RA himself
comedy.com Search for comedy clubs in your area and more
Pee Wee's Webhouse Mekka lekka hi mekka hiney ho......
John Belushi Tribute Page Great JB site. Includes SNL, Animal House stuff
Tribute to Sam Kinison Touching tribute to this greatly missed comedian
MontyPython.com And now for something completely different


new.gif (1227 bytes) Freelance Jack Sci Fi comedy series "The Malorky Journals"
ZachEverson.com Entertaining articles and columns by Zach
4students.co.uk Used books, roomates, and more for UK students
Wellcat Holidays Listings of strange holiday celebrations
Angry Ferret The ferret is mad and holds nothing back
Student Uncovered Great site for UK college scene in all towns
MyDweeb.com College papers, ethics, and whatever
Cedar Point Awesome amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio
Clueless No More Articles, interviews, and advice at this cool site
Microsoft Terra Server Photos of the earth from space. I found my house.
Brain Candy Lots of great insults and mind games
Celebrity 1000 Your opinion counts with their celebrity polls
Festivals.com Get out of the house! Lots of cool events here
MetroMix Nightlife guide when spending time in Chicago
Around Town: Carolina This site offers plenty of fun things to do in the Carolina area and online as well
Goldport.com Dedicated to writers, poets, readers, artists, and anyone who recognizes something worth sharing
TheSpark.com Great stories and fun "tests" to take
Red Mole Directory type website for mainly for UK students but it's actually fun for all
Stirring: A Literary Collection A monthly, online literary collection which publishes scripts, several short stories, poems, etc
iCOMICS Awesome, top notch comic book website
The Comic Zone Great site for "funny paper" comics
How to drive like a moron VERY funny. If you do this, visit our next link
Superscope Get a free tarot card reading online!
D.U.D.S. Database of Unsafe Drivers. Flip someone off!
Apology Note Generator For all your butt kissing needs
Midi Karaoke Use the "Manual Scrolling". Office party?
How to keep an idiot busy Try this one on the office moron
Well known Canadians There sure is a whole bunch of 'em, eh?


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