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corner.gif (929 bytes)logooffi.gif (10558 bytes)   Welcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

All work and no play is boring, stressful, and unhealthy. Check out these great websites that poke fun at the rat race in one way or another (or at least give you something to do while you're on break).

Office Playground Buy every cool office toy imaginable here.
new.gif (1227 bytes) Bread & Circus T-Shirt line for the Rat-Race impaired
The Day The Office Melted Can you foil Ms. Dee Hydration's dastardly plot?
Workplace Greetings Fun greetings for your office friends
1 - Click Awards Ever wonder how your mouse works?
My Corporate Hell Because misery loves company
Work Anecdotes True stories about work, bosses, office life, etc
The Office Humor Dysfunctional work ethics & low morale abounds
Anonymous Lawyer "Fictitous" NYC law firm partner rantings
Office Pirates Information and Idiocy delivered daily
101 Administrative Professionals Day Send free Secretaries Day online cards
 Office Life Download this fun office game and play today
Wicked Attitude Corporate culture T-shirts and more
Kyuboria Book about a State worker trying to get fired, but can't since the State doesn't fire people
At Work and Bored Web entertainment for the corporately challenged
Hookybook Over 200 ways to get a day off at work
Office Olympics Outrageous office antics, highly productive stuff Stars 'n Toads comics and other Toady fun
CoWorker Cards Fun printable cards for hastling fellow employees
Lunchbreak Comics Professional office comics well worth the click Great office comic strip site by Jennifer Lopez
Dujour Collection of Office Humor comics & more
Way Of The Dodo Comic strip featuring a Dodo bird at the office. Do You Work With Fools? We All Do. Vent Here! This is what happens if you're cooped up too long
White Collar Blues Cool board game about white collar employment A great book for the under-appreciated
Howtofailinbusinessbook 150 successful methods on how not to succeed
Bogus Bay They'll steal your job and destroy your character
Office Cartoons Great stuff to print and post in your office/cubicle Order demotivational art and more at this site
PC Weenies Great workforce comic strip, right up our alley.
BoredWorker Another great place to kill time while at work
Customers: Eat My Shorts Read and/or send in customer horror stories Home of the soon to be infamous "Office Jerk" comic strip Assorted work related humor, jokes, and more No motivation whatsoever at this site
Office Funnies Lots of fun workplace humor here
Kiss My Freckled Ass Goodbye Should you quit your job? Take a quiz here or send in your letter of job related frustrations
Countdown To Freedom Countdown to anything and bust boredom
Giggle Productions Business humor, cartoons, and more funny stuff
Schmooze & Grow Rich Comedic site about getting ahead at (or at least keeping) your job. Play their Pesky Boss game.
Customers Suck Where the customer is NEVER right Read funny boss comments or submit your own
The Mother of All Excuses Place Over 1000 excuses for all situations
Kiersey Temperament Sorter Take this test to find out what kind of employee you are. I'm apparently a Champion Idealist.
Advice Lady Ask her questions, weekly posts of answers
Working for a Loser Read employee crazy quotes & insane anecdotes
Temp 24-7 If you've ever done temp work this place is a must see. Also, play their great "Temps vs. Suits" game.
Off the Boss Is your boss a bum? This site tells you why

High tech news for high tech slackers
Hotel Blues This guy got hired and fired by the same hotel
Reasons To Be Late 30 or so funny excuses
Jugglezine Informative webzine about balancing work and life
Apology Note
For all your butt kissing needs


Bitter waitresses unite, cheap tippers beware Resign with dignity or read letters from others
Profession Jokes Jokes about jobs from Advertising to Zookeeping
Drew Carey Show Visit Drew, Oswald, Louis, Kate, & Mimi at the Warsaw Tavern or at Winfred Louder online.
The Dilbert Zone Homepage for the famous comic strip
Jobs that Suck   Fun descriptions of jobs that suck, don't suck
Take A Sick Day Ways to take a sick day when you're not sick
Dons Boss Page Great stuff here like fake work sounds and a phony spreadsheet.
The Art of Napping at Work Teach your boss about the health and productivity benefits of napping on the job.
Aspen Tech. Institute Fun Stuff like t-shirts, gags, and phoney diplomas

Rusty the
Office Intern

Have fun with this comic intern and his daily on-the-job adventures
More links coming. Got any suggestions?



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