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corner.gif (929 bytes)Sports LinksWelcome to ISBW.....HAVE FUN!

Talk about good-for-wasting-time websites.....it's practically impossible to visit these sites for a specific reason. They are all cool in their own, unimportant way and they're definitely worth checking out.
new.gif (1227 bytes) Bobspotting Find "Bob the Builder" doll in travelers photos
Redneck Neighbor I'm glad they don't live next to me
Stupid Essays Don't expect to learn anything reading these
kwotes.8m.com Meaningless quotes from someones teacher
Chick Magnet Dancing Chicks? Another fine "dancing" page
Crossword Pretty tough crossword puzzle, hope you can do it
rEtaRdeD Waste some time with Bob and his magazine
The Tofu Olympics Watch the events and cheer for your favorite Tofu
Decimal Birthday Find out how many days old you are, and when your next 1000 day old B-day is coming up.
CollegeStories.com Remember that crazy night at the dorms? Well,   someone did and posted it here.
Corn Cam Watch the corn grow and read lots of info about it
Fake U Out Funny fake awards for your site and much more
Name That Bar Cross sections of candy bars. How many can you correctly identify?
UselessKnowledge Unimportant trivia, quotes, quizzes, and more
Anchorage DMV Live Cam Watch the line form as drivers wait for their stuff
Useless Applets Need some useless stuff for your site? Click here.
Perpetual Bubblewrap Move your mouse and pop virtual bubble wrap
M The 1st and only website dedicated to the letter M
Zula the Hula Girl Print and construct a wiggling hula girl
kissthisguy.com The Archive of Misheard Lyrics, over 1700 songs
Traffic Cone
Preservation Society
Help save these "Helpers of Humanity"
Tacky Postcards Huge archive of VERY tacky postcards
World RPS Society The Official Rock, Paper, Scissors Strategy Guide
Famous Birthdays Do you gain anything by knowing who was born on your birthday? No.      Is it fun? YES!
A Gadzillion
Things to Think About
Well, at least over 6000 fun questions to ponder
Dumb Laws A list of the dumbest laws....worldwide!
Sporkitsu Learn this ancient martial art of spork weaponry
Spork Liberation See how some brave folks liberated the Spork
Tylers Glow-In-The-Dark Page Just turn off your lights and hit the "Glow" button
Phone # Spell Mine doesn't spell much but yours might!
Ill Fitting Pants That's right, these pants don't fit
Paper Airplanes Learn how to fold paper airplanes for $23.95
Mood Chooser Your mood displayed with Cheese Whiz on Ritz
Driveways.com Driveways of the rich and famous. Funny as !#@
Project Denny's Can they visit every Denny's in the world?
1001 uses for duct tape Maybe not quite that many, but they're funny
  More on the way!


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